Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Making up with my oldest

My oldest son, Seth, was checking out my blog the other day. A few days later he very quietly asked me why there wasn't a scrapbook page posted of him, yet. I realized then that I had pages of everybody but him. I explained that I was new to this blog thing and that I didn't start until after his birthday. I've also been having so much fun with card challenges lately that I've neglected my scrapbooking. This layout is not new of him, and I can't even remember what products I used, but I want to make it right with him.
Yet again, another "bad mom" moment. You could get me out of hot water if you could comment about him. (Seems he's read the comments of his siblings, as well.) He really is a very handsome boy with a kind heart. He is ten years old now and an avid reader. He excels in school, is extremely friendly, very responsible, and he loves basketball. I adore my oldest - I hope he knows it. Anyhow, thanks for looking!


  1. You do such great work! Love this layout and how you use the "celebrate" and the number together for your layouts.

    Your son is adorable - or I guess I should say handsome! That close up picture with the water in the background is just so great of him - you have a beautiful family.
    :) Linda

  2. Wow, I'm so glad my friend (Linda from the above comment) linked me to your page! You're son is gorgeous and I'm sure that it must be easy to do a layout with all those fabulous photos to choose from!! He looks like quite the athlete!

    I have a nine year old boy as well and I sometimes realize I post more photos of my 6 year old son than my older son and it's only because he's more of a ham for the camera!

    I love that your son reads your blog. My son has started to too and he loves to give me feedback as well. I'm definately going to come back and visit your blog more often so I can see more of your fabulous artwork and your beautiful family! Take care!